Memory Techniques for Memorizing Random Words

Hey Friends! Hope you are doing well today! In today’s blog I am goanna share various Memory Techniques for memorizing random words or objects. There are many methods of memorizing random objects like Story Method, Memory Palace, Journey Method, Rhyme Method, Shape Method, Value Method, Mental Indexing Method, Body – Parts Methods and many more. […]

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How to Improve Short Term Memory

Hello Friends! Welcome once again to my blog! Before I teach you How to Improve Short Term Memory, its very important for us to understand different types of memory, on the basis of types of information and the way through which we stored the information in our memory.  There is information which remains in our […]

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Quick Memory Improvement Games

There are lots of tricks and tips that you can use to enhance your overall brain function and memory. You can acquire the best results if you spend some time playing memory improvement games that are creatively designed to boost your memory. Your brain also need time to rest. The point is not to be […]

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Hello Friends! Welcome once again to my blog. It was the year 2010, one of my good friends, Chhavi Gupta, invited me to attend a conference on career selection at Gurgaon, a place just 35 kilometers away from the capital city, New Delhi. I reached the venue at 10.00 AM and the program started at […]

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How to Develop Photographic Memory |

Understanding how to develop a photographic memory could be an enjoyable experience for most of us. You might feel as if it’s an impossibility for somebody to develop such an amazing ability to remember information and details. Almost anyone is capable of reaching this kind of memory ability. Our mind works in different ways and […]

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