Double Your Vocabulary  Workshop™ will help you to memorize 1500 High- Frequency Vocabulary words in just 30 hours. After attending the workshop, all the 1500 words will get permanently stored in your memory along with their meanings. We will use the most powerful techniques to help you memorize 1500 High- frequency words.

The name of the technique is Mnemonics in which a new word is converted to an old word. For example; I have to remember the word Mangy, which means dirty and in Bad Condition.

The link that is made here is Mango. After eating the mango, the face looks dirty.

I will use a large number of funny links, illustrations, cartoons, animations, movie clips, audio clips which will help you to memorize 1500 words in just 30 hours.

These 1500 words that we will teach you in the workshop are high- frequency words. It means they are the most common words which are used everywhere, in every newspaper and business magazine and competitive exams like SAT, CAT,SNAP, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Double Your Vocabulary Workshop™ Workshop will also help you in improving your reading speed and verbal and written conversation skills.

Duration of  Double Your Vocabulary Workshop™

30 minutes to 30 hours.

Benefits of  Double Your Vocabulary Workshop™

  • You will learn the powerful technique to memorize thousands of words with their meanings in a short span of time.
  • You will be able to memorize Vocabulary@100 Words per hour.
  • Permanent storage of all 1500 words with their meanings.
  • Lifelong confinement.
  • Better reading speed.
  • The Funny method of memorization.
  • You will get coaching from the one who has achieved top level in Memory training.
  • Once you master these 1500 words with their meanings, then you will be able to memorize thousands of more words without forgetting.
  • After 30 hours of training, you will be able to memorize the word just by looking at it.
  • You will be able to memorize Complete Oxford Dictionary in just one year.

Contents of  Double Your Vocabulary Workshop™

The Workshop™ covers the high quality and high- frequency words of the letters A to Z.

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