How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™ is a scientific workshop that will help you to increase your memory by 30 % to 50%. Even, you can also improve your memory by 80% by practicing the techniques taught in the workshop just 30 minutes a day.

The techniques are so simple that you can practice them while traveling, walking, cooking or even dining.

The System works on three main principles of memory, i.e. Pictures, Sense, and Special.


Friends, if I ask you think about the word Mountain, you will not see the word MOUNTAIN and immediately a picture of Mountain will come in your mind from your photographic memory. Similarly, If I ask you to think about the word Table, you will not see TABLE, a picture of Table will come in your mind. Why? Because the nerves that go from our eyes to our Brain are 20 times more powerful than the nerves that go from ear to our brain.


Right now, I am talking to you in English language but if I talk in another language like Spanish, Japanese or Sanskrit which you are not aware of, you won’t be able to comprehend me. our brain remembers that information which makes some sense.


Try to make subject matter as special as possible. Our brain always stores special events. If I ask you what you did on 23th July 1998, you won’t be able to recall this but If I ask you with whom you visited Tajmahal for the first time, you will certainly remember. Why? Because the subject matter was made special at this time.

Duration of How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™

60 minutes to 20 hours.

Benefits of How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™

  • Quick recall of numbers, facts and figures.
  • Quick recall for complicated formulae and equations.
  • Memorize Long Chapters in a couple of minutes.
  • Quick techniques to memorize vocabulary, at least, one hundred words per day while not forgetting.
  • Quick techniques for learning GK, Biological Diagrams, Circuits, Maps and Formulae.
  • Better marks in colleges and school exams.
  • Perfect techniques for college students preparing for various competitive exams.
  • Perfect strategies on “How to Study Effectively “.
  • Effective methods to enhance Power of Concentration.
  • Memorize complete Periodic Table.

Contents of How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™

  • Long chapters
  • Vocabulary (Part 1)
  • Vocabulary (Part 2)
  • Foreign Vocabulary
  • Definitions
  • Indian States and Capitals
  • American States and Capitals
  • Minerals and Places
  • Rivers and Places
  • Inventions and Inventors
  • Countries and Capitals
  • Countries and Currencies
  • Countries and Parliaments
  • Books and Authors
  • Disease and Part of the Body Effected
  • Remembering Phobias
  • Names and Faces
  • Spellings
  • Rhyme Method
  • Shape Method
  • Value Method
  • History Dates
  • Melting Points
  • Boiling Points
  • Sections and Sub- Sections
  • Remembering 50 Digit Long Number
  • Phonetic Method
  • Chemical Processes
  • Chemical Formulae
  • Chemical Equations
  • The Journey Method
  • The List Method
  • Shopping List
  • Appointments
  • Maps
  • Road Maps
  • Measuring Units
  • Scientific Revision Plan
  • Biological Diagrams
  • Memorizing Formulae (Physics)
  • Memorizing Formulae (Maths)
  • POPCORN Method
  • Story Method
  • Memorizing Random Words
  • Keyword Method for Long Theory
  • Learning Theory in Points
  • Delivering Speeches without Notes
  • Reactivity Series of Metals
  • Frequencies and Wavelengths
  • Learning Scientific Terminology
  • Objective Type Questions
  • How to Study Effectively
  • Concentration Techniques
  • Emergency Mental Tool Box
  • Periodic Table (All 118 Elements)
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