If you think that you are very much inspired by me and decided to take up my course on Speed Maths, then the success is here itself. You need not go anywhere or you need not go to ashrams and forests as our previous saints used to go to meditate and gain some knowledge. You can learn Speed Maths from your home just sitting in an air conditioned room. What you need now? A laptop or desktop, internet connectivity and a headphone.

If you have all these three things available at your home,then you are ready to travel with me on a New Online Journey to Speed Maths. In this journey, I will teach you quick techniques to solve

mathematical problems like 98 X 97 within 5 seconds. Apart from this, we will learn how to find Cube Roots, Squares Roots, Squares, Cubes, Raise to Power 4, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, etc.

The complete duration of the course is 20 hours.

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