My story begins in the year 1994 when I was only 9 years old and studying in modern public school, Moradabad in 3 rd grade. I still remember that day when, while playing in my class I had a glimpse of late Ms shakuntladevi’s photograph on my mathematics book. It is a well-known fact that this famous personality was a maths wizard and her name is registered in Guinness Book of World Records. While glancing at her photograph, I visualized in my mind to get my name registered in the reputed Guinness Book of World Records.

As I was born in Sambhal which is nearly 35 km from Moradabad, my parents brought me back to sambhal after 6 th standard. I completed my education till class 11 from Sambhal in different schools as Maryam Public School, St Amtul Public School, and Bal Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School.

I left for Aligarh Muslim University for pursuing the diploma in Electronics Engineering after finishing schooling in the year 2003. I was just like an average learner without any special learning or memorizing qualities. During summer vacations, I returned back to Sambhal to spend time with my family.

At that period of time, a national memory record holder was conducting a seminar in Moradabad on the topic How to Improve Your Memory. It was a paid seminar and I paid 20 bucks to attend it as I was extremely curious to learn these skills.

I became friends with many during the seminar which started around 2.20 PM.

The speaker of the seminar initially asked the participants to speak out the last two digits of their telephone numbers which were written on the screen. When the screen was full of numbers, the speaker put a question to the audience HOW MUCH TIME WILL YOU TAKE TO MEMORIZE THIS LIST OF NUMBERS? There was pin drop silence in the auditorium and no one was able to give the answer. Even I had no courage to speak out. After few seconds, the speaker announced that he has already memorized these numbers and recalled the complete list even in forward and reverse order. All were spellbound and captivated. I was fully mesmerized as I never thought that learning and recalling of such complex data may be possible. The trainer demonstrated AIR Method that indicates the law of Association, Imagination, and Ridiculous thinking. Immediately after this, a girl was called upon the stage to demonstrate the same. I still remember that the girl was wearing the black dress and she had curly hairs. She recalled the same without looking at them. In the same manner, he taught us a simple memory trick to memorize long shopping list. One more skill was also demonstrated by the trainer. This time, he asked the date of birth of few participants and calculated the accurate day of the given date. Again all were spellbound. The speaker announced that he has learnt or memorized the calendar of 600 years. He further announced to join his 3 days MEMORY WORKSHOP in Moradabad. He left the stage with a joyful smile and I realized the power of memory first time.

The fee for this memory training was 2500, keeping in view of my family’s circumstances; it was not at all possible for me to join the same. Whatever I had learnt in his previous workshop, I showed it to my family. The interesting part of my story begins now when after a month I happened to know about the same workshop in Chandausi, 26 km from Sambhal. By the grace of God somehow I had arranged a free pass for me and saved money. The fee for 3 days memory workshop was Rs 1800 but luckily I got a discount of Rs 300. I urged my parents to pay me 1500. On 16 July 2004 after seeing my dedication my mother had borrowed Rs 1500 from our tenant and gave it to me to join memory workshop.

I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I reached the venue 1 hour before. This time, the speaker presented all his skills and techniques throughout the day but also announced that his assistant would conduct for the next two days. I reached home around 9.30 pm and very much occupied in practicing calendar tricks that I forgot to have my dinner. I was so inspired by this technique that after continuous practice during night time, I was able to learn 50 years calendar i.e. from 1951 to 1999. For the remaining next two days, I had learnt many more new techniques. After completion of the workshop, I was able to memorize 100 digit long numbers within 5 minutes and also without any mistake. I demonstrated these two skills to my family, friends, and relatives. I got appreciation from everyone as all were impressed. I found myself extremely motivated. I had left no stone unturned in order to master these skills and impressing others for the next few years. I had also obtained 93.31%of marks in diploma in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. I left Aligarh and headed towards Delhi to find a suitable job.

Luckily I got my first job easily but had to leave due to some issues. I got another job soon, a shift job this time. I was working in morning shift i.e.6.00 AM to 2.30 PM. After working in morning shift for few months I got evening shift permanently i.e. from 2.30 PM to 11’0 PM. Now I decided to utilize morning hours by teaching memory techniques to students through their schools. I have started doing seminars and workshops in the morning in order to earn some money as well as experience and to gain more knowledge. After some time, I realized that I could earn much well if given more time, to sharpen my skill; therefore, I left my job to fully utilize my abilities. With the passing of time, I have learnt speed maths, a very impressive technique than memory. I added the same to my profile and start teaching the same. It was highly appreciated by all and I started getting word of mouth publicity. I got an invitation from IIT Delhi to conduct a workshop on speed maths for their students. It was a damn good break I was looking for as the same was applauded by everyone. I found a new breath of air and soon my confidence grew high.

The turning part of my story came in the year 2011 when I was watching a show Guinness World Records –Ab India Todega. The record of Longest Sequence of Objects Memorized in One Minute was broken by someone. I searched the details for that record and applied myself. My application was approved by GWR within 4 weeks. I was so determined to make my first Guinness World Record that I practised for nearly 2 months and attempted my first Guinness World Record “The Longest sequence of objects memorized in one minute and achieved by Mr. Muhammad Faisal (India) at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi on 18 May 2011”breaking the previous record of 17 objects. I Memorized 18 objects this time.It was my substantial and massive dream to register my name in Guinness Book of World Records. I got this glorious opportunity to showcase my talent to the rest of the world. I was more confident and optimistic now, that is why I decided to break more records in the year 2013, 2014 and 2016.

In the meantime, and I enhanced my skills by mastering brain power workshops and parenting seminar. While conducting my seminars, workshops and attempting records, I had completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi (evening shift). The training and Placement officer of my college, Mr. Rihan Khan Suri forwarded my profile to Zee Salaam Channel. The producer of the show “youth campus” interfaced with me. I demonstrated them three memory and speed maths techniques.

I got selected easily for the TV show Youth Campus (Brain Box) which was broadcasted every Friday at 3.15 PM and every Saturday at 8.15 on Zee Salaam Channel. Presently, I am busy in conducting seminars and workshops on Memory Power, Speed Maths, Parenting, Brain Power and Vocabulary. Also, I am preparing to make and break some more world records in the field of memory.

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