Second World Record

Category : Most countries identified from capital cities in one minute.

Previous World Record : 30 countries
Date : 15 September 2013

Location : Kidzee School, Chandausi, India.

The Secret : In my second world record, I have identified 36 countries from their capital cities in just 60 seconds using a powerful technique named as SMS Method. SMS Method stands for Self Meaning System Method.

This method says that every new word always contains an old word. The SMS method helped me to memorize the name of 193 countries and capital cities with 100 % accuracy. Here I am sharing few examples with you.

Let us suppose that the capital of Cuba is Havana. Here we can link that a large number of cubes are placed in the heaven. Because the spelling of Cuba is very much similar to cubes and the spelling of Havana is quite similar to Heaven.

Similarly, If I have to remember that the capital of Germany is Berlin, then I can connect directly when I opened the beer bottle I found a large number of germs in it. Because the first four letter of Germany giving me an old word Germ and the
first three letter of Berlin give an old word Beer.

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