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Vedic Maths: What is There to Know About?

Vedic Maths is short for Vedic mathematics referred to the Indian Mathematics’ ancient system. Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja rediscovered it from between 1911 to 1918 from Vedas. His research talked about the 16 sutras that he said to be the basis of everything in Mathematics. One of these sutras is the ‘Vertically and Crosswise’.  This formula is used to describe how our minds work naturally. Thus, this can help to direct the students to the right solution’s method. These sutras were never found in the literature of Vedic. Vedic Maths methods are also not that consistent with the known knowledge for mathematics from the Vedic era.

The system is about calculation technique that is based on the set of 16 aphorisms or the sutras. They are used as algorithms and they have corollaries that were derived from the sutras. According to those who have tried the system, it made it possible for us to solve any mathematical problem with just our minds.

 This Vedic Maths system of Tirthaji is coherent, which is its most striking feature. There are interrelation and unification in it. One of its examples is the general multiplication method. This method can be reversed easily that can allow a one-line division.  Another example of this is the one-line square root, which came from reversing the simple method of squaring. In addition, everything in it is easy to understand. You can get satisfaction from the unifying quality of the system.   Arithmetic is made easy by this system that students find it enjoyable.

The methods in Vedic Maths can solve huge sums and arithmetic problems that are difficult immediately. According to Tirthaji, this system of Mathematics is far more methodical than that of the modern system. It manifests the arithmetic’s unified structure and coherency. The methods find in this system is easy, direct and complementary.


Tirthaji’s system offers simplicity that makes it possible for us to do mental calculations while giving us the choice of writing down the methods when we like to. Vedic Maths is a system of Mathematics that are mental and flexible. This kind of system offers benefits.   It allows the students to create their very own method. This way, the students are not limited to using just one method that is known to everyone. It makes the students more intelligent, interested and creative with problem-solving.

In education, the interest for this mathematics system continues to grow. Many teachers of the subject have been looking for a better system that they can use. The answer to their quest has been Vedic Maths.   Many areas are also conducting researches about the system. One of these includes the effect of the system on the learning of the students. According to the research, this system led the students to develop new applications that they find easy yet powerful using algebra and the arithmetic sutras.

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Vedic maths system, there is a need for you to practice it first. The enthusiasts of the system consider the system as the most efficient and refined system for calculation. Discovering it yourself is the only way to prove the claim.

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