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Who I am

Hi, I amMohammad Faisal, A full-stack software engineer @Cruise , working remotely from a small but beautiful country named Bangladesh.

I am most experienced inReactJS,NodeJS andAWS

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What do I do

Full-stack Software Engineer

I love to write code. I love to design systems. This is the most important thing that I do. Currently I am working remotely at @Cruise.

Technical Writer

I started writing as a hobby and it has given me a huge return! Over 1 million people have read my articles on Medium and

I also have Content Partnership withLogRocket,Toptal Blog,SemaPhoreCI BlogandPieces Blog

Youtube Channel

Like everybody else I have aYoutube Channelas well. I am not yet regular there and definitely not good at it yet but I am trying :P

Open source contributor

I have created some Template projects for ReactJS, NodeJS and AWS and some people found those helpful. On myGithub Profile , You can see my most starred projects.

StackOverflow contributor

I took a goal to reach 1500 contribution points on StackOverflowin a month and did it. These days I am somewhat inactive but I enjoy the process of helping others fun!

I take interviews on my spare time

I am a trained Interview Engineer on KARAT. The tough vetting process taught me a lot and talking to a lot of similar minded people is really really fun!