11 Ridiculous NPM Packages I Wish Didn’t Exist

The Node Package Manager (npm) is very open about what packages you can publish or not. Over the years there are some awesome packages that we all want and love.

But today we won’t look into that. We will see some ridiculous npm packages and try to understand why they exist in the first place.

1. is-ten-thousand

This is a package that lets you check if a particular number is 10000 or not.

And apparently, 10 people needed that this week 😜

But what if you need to know if a number is not 10000? Well, there is a solution for that too…

2. is-not-ten-thousand

This awesome package helps you to find out that….


3. true

Moving on to some serious stuff. If you need the boolean value true what’s the simplest solution to that? You just install the following package, and you are good to go


In case you are wondering there is another package for getting the false value too. So you are covered.

4. false


And don’t be disrespectful because around 300 people think that this package will help their project :P

5. meaning-of-life

Ever asked that question after failing to solve a critical bug? Well here is your answer.

This package lets you know the true meaning of life.


Next move on to some more popular packages.

6. is-odd

This package takes the hassle of checking if a number is odd out of your head.


This package has millions of downloads and this package has over 20 commits and 6 authors to write this.

7. is-is-odd

However, if you are very careful about your code and want to absolutely make sure that your is-odd function is actually an is-odd function here is another package to test that.


8. is-is-is-odd

And another one to test even that


So you can absolutely trust your code to check if a number is odd or not :P

9. isarray

This package literally contains just 1 line of code in their github repo.

return toString.call(arr) === '[object Array]';

But for some reason, 87 million people have to use this to know if an array is actually an array or not :P

is array

10. is-positive-integer

This is a high-tech mathematical library that does exactly what the name suggests.

is positive integer

And their github repo has 7 forks and 52 stars.


I mean… what the heck bro?

11. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Do you need a package… just for the hell of it?

No worries. We got you covered. Here is the npm package with the longest name.


If your bundle size is too small and you want to increase it by a bit to make it more healthy then this package could help you.

So these are some packages that you don’t need (or do you?) but they exist anyway.

Have a nice day, and Hey! Don’t blame me for wasting your time :D

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