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Top 30 UI Libraries for ReactJS

Choosing a sound UI library is so hard. Because it’s hard to predict which components are missing.

Maybe another library would do a good job?

I faced this issue over and over again.

So, Today I have gathered 30 UI libraries for building React applications.

We have all kinds of libraries like Windows UI, MacOS UI, etc. So this should be the last collection you need.

Let’s get started!

1. Ant Design

This is one of the best (IMO) and more polished UI libraries available for ReactJS.

Ant Design UI Library

Ant Design — The world’s second most popular React UI framework

2. Material UI

Everybody’s favorite Material UI.

Material UI

MUI: The React component library you always wanted

3. Semantic UI

A good set of components. Especially if you are building dashboard applications.

It has some unusual set of components (Like rail)that are not available in other libraries.

Semantic UI

Introduction — Semantic UI React

4. Charka UI

A set of polished UI elements

Chakra UI — A simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks…

5. Mantine UI

Full collection of professional components

Mantine UI

6. React bootstrap:

This is the react version of our familiar bootstrap components. Looks dated. But very popular.



7. Blueprint UI

Offers tons of programmatic customization but with a very minimal design to start with.


Blueprint — Documentation

8. React Suite

Complete set of components. Similar to Ant design.

react suite


9. Fluent UI

This library is from Microsoft. Good for building Windows-style UI.

Fluent UI

Home — Fluent UI

10. Grommet UI

They have their own style, which you may or may not like.



11. Design Revision

Looks like bootstrap components. But better.

Design revision

12. Evergreen UI

Another set of clean UI components.



13. Visx

Airbnb designs these components. They are unique to their own style. Has a lot of charts.


visx | gallery

14. Headless UI

A collection of floating components. If you don’t need the full set and only looking for popovers, modals, etc, then this is for you.

Headless UI

Headless UI

15. Rebass

A set of components with very basic styling.



16. Next UI

A UI library for professional use. Has its distinct styling.

Nothing to do with NextJS :P


Getting started | NextUI — Beautiful, fast and modern React UI Library

17. Vechai UI

Built with Tailwind CSS

Vechai UI

Vechai UI — Tailwind CSS Components

18. React-admin

As the name suggests, The components are good for building admin dashboards.

react admin

React-admin — Documentation

19. React Toolbox

A collection of traditional-looking components.

React toolbox

React Toolbox

20. React Strap

Another adaptation of bootstrap components for ReactJS



21. React Desktop

Very interesting set of components. If you want to build MacOS-styled applications. These are for you.


React Desktop | React UI Components for OS X El Capitan and Windows 10

22. Elemental UI

A not-so-rich component library.

elemental UI

Elemental UI

23. Belle

A component library that promises great UX.


Belle — React components with great UX

24. Arco Design

This library is oddly similar to Ant design. The documentation is in Chinese, but Google Translate does a good job.

Arco Design

Arco Design — 企业级产品的完整设计和开发解决方案

25. Prime React

A set of beautiful components, with some weird components like Picklist

Prime React

26. Kobalte

A library for accessible web apps.



27. React Aria

React Aria is a library of React Hooks that provides accessible UI primitives for your design system.

This is not a set of components but a set of hooks. Take a look!

React Aria

28. Zag

A set of basic components.


Zag — Rapidly build UI components without sweating over the logic. — Zag

29. Radix UI

Some nice looking UI components.

Rradix UI

Primitives — Radix UI

30. Aria Kit

Some ready-to-go components

Aria Kit

Ariakit — Toolkit for building accessible UIs


That’s it for today.

Let me know if you are using some other UI library. I will add those to the list.

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